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Originally Posted by PolyLinguist View Post
Now that I have answered why at least one happily married man would look for a poly "affair", let me ask you why do you think an unmarried (or even married) woman would enter such a relationship? This was my purpose in starting this thread, after all. Don't most women want more from a relationship than what a married man can give them? Onoma seems to think that there are lots of women like that, all I need is a confident approach, less intellectualizing and maybe dress better. What do you think?
Some women, yes. Maybe most women, but not all women.
Who decided what it is the married man has to give?
One of my boyfriends is not married, but in a committed relationship with his GF (they're planning to have a baby soon, so yeah, committed).
I've never met her, I've known him for a year, but I have not, for one minute, doubted his love for me.
Our relationship defies all the standard rules that I used to think applied to relationships. But he brings me joy, love and affection. I trust him completely, in his feelings for me, and most of all I trust him to be honest with me.

One thing I've learned over the past years is that there are no blueprints for these type of relationships. You discover things as you go, and only through open communication with everyone involved, can you avoid that people get hurt because of the lack of blueprints.
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