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Haha! I totally get what you're saying. I love how analytical you are... There were some people I used to work with (in self-awareness workshops) who used to say that everyone has this kind of automatic reaction, where we basically say, "Don't tell me what to do!" It is part of the pattern of rebellion we learn at an early age, in order to individuate and define ourselves as autonomous people. We just haven't realized that we can let go of that automatic response, as it is no longer necessary to rebel in every situation. But what I find funny is that we even say that to ourselves when there is something WE want to do ourselves. We make a commitment or put something on our To Do list and then we feel boxed in -- even if we really want to do these things -- and then we tell ourselves, "No, you can't make me do it!" And often we find some way to get out of doing it, because honoring our need for rebellion means more to us (subconsciously) than doing the thing we actually truly want to do. Or we get over that rebellious initial reaction and go have ourselves a good time. It's just a pattern, like a broken record that plays again and again. The more we notice it, the better able we can let go of it (so that it can be more of a choice if we actually do want to rebel because it's appropriate, rather than being at the mercy of our own unconscious reactions). Hahahaha, people are so funny.
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