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This is actually a question I'm quite good at.
I suppose people have always pointed out (not always nicely) the things that are different about me, I wonder how many I can come up with?

Here goes:

- I have curly eyebrows. It's annoying, I went to get them waxed once and the beautician actually had to apologise and say that she couldn't do anything for me. I've been told it was a very popular trait in Morroco 100 years ago though.....

- I used to terrified of the sound of flushing toilets. Apparently I still have some of the conditioned behaviour. I wouldn't have realised but my boyfriend commented on it other day 'Why do you always step halfway out of the bathroom before flushing the toilet and then move swiftly away?'.....*embarrassment*

- I can do an Egyptian tummy roll - apparently you're meant to need strong stomach muscles to do it - which is hilarious because I had never even managed one sit up until a year ago.

- I wear more rainbow clothing than anyone else I've ever met. I walked into uni once and someone called me a 'walking gay pride parade'. The fact that I love bright colours always had much more of an influence on my clothing choices than sexuality but I decided to take it as a compliment anyway
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