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Originally Posted by Khymaera View Post
...They are open to dating, and I may be if I find the right person (especially female), but for the most part I feel pretty taken at the moment. I've been around the boards and PMM off and on for years, and slacked off, but the junior partner was curious about poly resources, and the community. I'm mostly looking for friends, social contact, and maybe some meet-ups where it's safe for us to be a trio without odd looks!

We're all pretty big nerds; ...All three of us p... read, enjoy sci-fi movies (and similar). ... Me and Sr are the big readers, and Jr enjoying exploring it now, too. .... Besides that, we're big animal lovers -- four cats (three of which are Siamese), and ideally a big dog sometime in the semi-near future.
Hello and Welcome!

Some of your situation sounds pretty familiar!

I was off-and-on alt.polyamory back in the day - I'm here mostly looking for friends and poly friendly socialization as well. We've considered trying out the closest Meet-Up in a nearby city (but it's an hour away...and I'm basically an introvert and a homebody) - currently I'm looking at OKC as another possibility.

I feel that I am "poly-saturated" in the male department but wouldn't mind find another bi/poly girl to hang out with if the opportunity arose. I'm the biggest reader in our bunch, but MrS reads steadily, and Dude tells me he goes through fits and spurts. Science Fiction is my genre.

We have two dogs, a cat (with others that we have taken in, fostered, and found homes for in the past) and a snake. Eventually we will add rabbits, goats and chickens to our little country place. I've considered offering to foster "exotics" for the local humane society as they are really not set up for non-dog/cat or non-farm animal species.

I hope you enjoy your time here.

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