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I don't think wanting a text is unusual at all.
It all depends on how you go about it.

Personally, I could never do 24 hours strict silence, it would feel weird. There are plenty of times that me and one of my partners don't text for days but I couldn't deal with having it restricted. But then again, most of the things we text to each other are either practical (e.g. did you remember to put the washing on, call your grandma, etc.) or silly stuff, often relating to tv shows we both watch or important/funny info we just found out about a mutual friend.

Although when I'm out with my OSO, I tend not to text often. I find it rude when someone's texting all the time, I don't care if it's their lover, best friend, mum, whatever - long text conversations are antisocial to the people you're spending time with. I will drop a text when I go to the bathroom or there's a distinct lull, usually saying something like 'Are my socks dry yet? Don't wait up, love you!'

I think if you guys live far enough apart that you don't get to see each other often and they spend a lot of time with their OSO, it's not unreasonable to maybe want a daily quick text reminding you they care, your on their mind, or just some silly anecdote from their day that they want to share with you.

I'd say approach it with a level head and explain it in terms of what you feel you need to be on good terms with your situation but without pressing to hard.

I think a lot of people instantly go in to worrying that wanting more communication means you're freaking out or getting possessive when in fact it just means you care, you want a little tlc and you want to do what you can to make it work for the both of you.
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