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Default A break up while living together as a poly.

My fiance and I wanted to try a poly relationship so he and our female housemate got together, both him and I had hoped we would all be together and we were going to let it take time since they were close friends before whereas our housemate and i had only really just met. Our housemate had other ideas and only wanted to be with my partner, so we carried on, with my partner having 2 girlfriends. After some issues, one being a big break of trust between me and my partner( but both getting help and willing to try and stay together), another being our housemate staying with her ex in another state, we were able to live in harmony, with very little fighting. My partner and I were closer than before and overall we were happy. Everything had been good until yesterday, my partner suddenly become distant from me and then last night he broke up with me out of the blue to be exclusive with our housemate. I found out that this was because she wasn't committing and leaving him in the dark, one minute all over him and the next pulling back at his touch. He thought that I was the issue and that she may commit if we werent together. Him and I are having a baby in 3 months and he knows that at the end of the day I will go to the end of the earth for him. None of us can afford to move out, nor do we have anywhere to go. I promised him many months ago that I will always be there for him no matter what. Anyway this morning we woke up and after a few tears him and I are ok, not together but still friends. He told me this morning that our housemate is still refusing to commit or at least give a proper relationship a go. We are all confused and will most likely all stay single for a while. What are people's thoughts on the situation? Has anyone been in a similar position before? Is there any advice?
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