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Originally Posted by PorcupineTree View Post
Well, that was actually pretty easy. :-)

I'm happy to say that after long thought, sincere communication, and hours upon hours reading what this great community has offered, my fiancée and I have agreed upon a first set of conditions that we both feel comfortable with in a new exploration of a polyamorous life. And I am surprised to find that I feel genuinely good about the experimentation we have been discussing.

I suspect the primary reason for my comfort with it is the knowing that this may make her very happy. I also find that our discourse has brought us closer together than we have been in months. The honesty and consideration for the other feels great!

I also like to think of the idea that I could meet a new friend and connect on nearly any level of intimacy without the hindering fear of worrying if I am getting to close. Now, there are certainly to be hurtles on the way through this journey, but I feel confident in our future.

Thank you everyone for the insight this community has brought me.
I was in your situation when my partner said he wanted to sleep with other guys. I initially said I was perfectly fine with it and was ready to go all in, but I had some issues. The first night he didn't come home, I was enraged. We eventually made it past that hurdle and things have been much better lately. We're now fully about a year in to being completely open and it's done WONDERS for our communication. I've also recently started trying even higher levels of intimacy with other guys and it's been great.

We're both healthier now, my self esteem is the highest it's been in years and i'm losing weight daily. It's amazing how being happy and going with how you really feel can change your mood and your health!

Sounds like you have a good idea of how it should work for you, that's awesome! Good luck in the future!
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