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I've Got Poly Under My Skin
Three years into my relationship with Shane and the wild, earth-changing sex had disappeared.... on her side. Looking back, I am quite convinced that she was cheating. Miserable, I went online one day whilst she was away somewhere for two weeks and saw a pop-up for a 3D sex game. Thinking that it would be hot, I created a profile and took my free two week trial.

About three or four days in, I met a woman. The game was, in my eyes and the eyes of most other members, not a dating site. It was geared around complete fantasy; somewhat similar to Second Life. A little more than porn, but way less than real relationships.

Overlap number 4 happened and I found myself, within a month, incredibly, unspeakably drawn to this woman. I refused to look at the picture on her profile for this amount of time, telling myself that if I was falling for a woman online, it wasn't real, she wasn't real and it was just harmless fun to feed all my pent-up lesbian sex cravings....

I made one last-ditch attempt at honest communication with Shane; knowing that she had a roving eye and that my heart was roaming. I told her about the game and asked if she would be open to me using it. Her answer was a flat-out no and we broke up quickly.

The woman I had met online referred to herself as vehemently non-monogamous. It was a case of 'get on board like this, or don't get on board at all'. She described human hearts as being limitless and I found myself intrigued by her way of thinking. After one month, we had been skyping for over 8 hours a day. She told me that she loved me... and I knew I felt the same. After three, we talked about the general possibility of meeting in a year, if we still knew each other. Seven months after our first chance, online meeting... I found myself getting on a plane that her husband had booked and flying all the way from England to America for one week. I was thrilled to be meeting her... petrified that we would not connect in person...

Present Life
We did connect (hoorah).... My life changed overnight. I quit my job and we started the interesting pattern that is currently our lives - I live in England for three months, incidentally with Blue, who is still my platonic soul mate ten years on... then I live in America for three months, with my GF, her husband and their three year old daughter...

And I am quite relieved to say that cheating isn't an issue... and overlap is fine...

Thank you for reading, for giving me a place to vent. I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned for angst-ridden poly life bitchfests.... ~winks~
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