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Talking Thoughts regarding "unicorns"

I too am sorry to hear that you have had such a hard time finding a couple that you fit with. It can be very frustrating and I don't understand why some couples don't just look for people that are looking for play partners instead of pretending to want a relationship. I did the play thing for a couple of years while I was healing from a bad divorce. Then I met a wonderful man whois amazing and has everything I want in a man. Only issue, I'm Bi and need a feamle in my life as well. I would love to have a female that would love us both... As an equal in the relationship understanding that you can love more than one person and it may be different but as good and deep as you love the other person.

He and I have played with a few women that were good friends but just looking to play and we both realized that's not what we want... There really isn't anything missing from our relationship and no reason to settle or swing so to speak, we are both past that. We want love... All the way around. So just remember there are couples out there that want a real woman with all her emotions, needs and desires.
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