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Well, that was actually pretty easy. :-)

I'm happy to say that after long thought, sincere communication, and hours upon hours reading what this great community has offered, my fiancée and I have agreed upon a first set of conditions that we both feel comfortable with in a new exploration of a polyamorous life. And I am surprised to find that I feel genuinely good about the experimentation we have been discussing.

I suspect the primary reason for my comfort with it is the knowing that this may make her very happy. I also find that our discourse has brought us closer together than we have been in months. The honesty and consideration for the other feels great!

I also like to think of the idea that I could meet a new friend and connect on nearly any level of intimacy without the hindering fear of worrying if I am getting to close. Now, there are certainly to be hurtles on the way through this journey, but I feel confident in our future.

Thank you everyone for the insight this community has brought me.
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