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Originally Posted by Mohegan View Post

For me, in some ways it most definitaly comes from past trust issues.

I did check calls when I was suspicious of the affairs and for a period after I found out. But anymore I really don't care and I trust him more.

I have an overall lack of trust in people until I get to know them. I've seen too many people hurt and been hurt to much myself to just jump into something without knowing who I am jumping into it with.
I can agree with a few if your points, yes people should always be careful when meeting someone and getting to know them, however part of being human is to learn to trust others. I believe it takes years to really know someone. At one month one knows X amount about that person. At 3 months you know much more, but still only X amount, at 6 months, and then at a year, then 2, 3 and so on. Yes, don't just jump into something, but part of falling in love is the fear of falling in love itself.
Maybe I am taking this completely the wrong way, but this curiosity thing seems much more "personal based" then anything to do with curiosity and wanting to see the whole conversation. Arguments can be a good thing...

Sending my love and support your way.
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