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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I completely agree with this, though I'll add that another huge, globally transforming problem that is far too under the radar is the rapid privatization of water. This not only immediately affects the economies of many places, but has an immediate and direct effect on the lives and health of billions of people in the developing world.
This trend is disturbing. This problem was highlighted in a course I took on sustainability in Africa which focused on the environmental problems that are plaguing many there. I will post the title of the book we used. It is about 20 years old but still pertinent.

In poorer areas there is a lack of running water and people (very often women and children) have to travel miles to a standpipe or creek to gather water. The lines to gather water are long. It is a heavy burden to bring back. Nearby creeks are very often riddled with disease.

And so it has become a business to sell water at exorbitant prices. It is not like buying an Aquafina here to quench a moment's thirst. It is buying your drinking water... and your cooking water and your bath water from those who want to capitalize on the situation.

It is unfortunate.


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