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Default Things I have learned

Anyone reading the Email I am sending to Chipmunk will see the links and know that this information has come from these forums. You can also see my terminology comes from this forum. I have learned alot here. And I feel that I've used what I've learned in this email effectively.

I hope my adjusted links work. I decided not to link directly to GalaGirls profile (which is where I got her expectations within poly) Because I know that Chipmunk does not have an account here, and i do not expect her to create one. I don't see her taking the time to read any of my suggested forums ever. I have sent more then one email linking to good reading on these forums, but as far as i can tell she hasn't bother to look at any of them. *sigh*

I am so ready to be done with her. When we have a good day it's good, nice and everything feels like it can really work. Then something happens and the illusion gets shattered.

I'll be talking to Airyn again soon. I'm not sure that i can continue like this. He told me after I broke up with Chipmunk, that maybe asking me to find a way to make it work for the next several months was asking to much. I told him then that all I can do is try. So I've been tring, but I'm tired.
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