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Default The next day.

Saturday morning I just want to have a good day. And thinking this I decide not to get up super early. So we all wake up together, and are snuggling. I'm fondling Airyn. And Chipmunk is tickling him. we have a good morning. Chipmunk is then off to spend the afternoon with her mom. Airyn and i work on the house. Getting the living room, and bedroom together. I suggest he and I take a shower together. I tell him not for sex, but for closeness, intimacy, and cuddling. He agrees. We take Wolf to school for her play, come home kick our shows off and head to the bathroom. Before we can start our shower Chipmunk walks in. We are surprised as she more then an hour early, but just roll with it. I tell Airyn when he comes to me concerned about it that it's no big deal we weren't planning to do anything other then take a shower. So we tell chipmunk that we are getting in the shower, but there's not as much closeness as I had wanted. It's just off a bit due to the unexpected return of Chipmunk. She had said she's be out till after 4pm. *shrug* things happen.

We walk to the school to see Wolfs play. Airyn and I walk fast, he has long legs, and doesn't like to walk slowly. Chipmunk walks slower most of the time. So she's behind me, and I'm walking a relaxed, but quick pace. Airyn is walking on the far side of Chipmunk aways from me, and ends up walking beside Chipmunk holding hands. The sidewalks are small no chance of three people walking side by side without walking in the street or in peoples yards. No big deal. We watch Wolf's play, it was cute, and funny. She did a good job on her part. We walk home. Wolf is all excited, and bubbly walking well ahead of us. Again Airyn is walking behind me with Chipmunk, and they are mostly holding hands.

At home he reminds me that he has a pit stop he wants to make as something special he wants to show me and Wolf before we go over to Just a Guys place for the evening. he says he's bring his camera and tripod so he can get out and get pictures. Then he's telling Chipmunk that he hopes she doesn't mind, that it doesn't annoy her that we'll have to find parking so we can get out and walk around so he can get pictures. I look at them funny. I tell Airyn that should he be seeing if it's ok with me since I'll be the one driving and having to find a place to park? After Friday's fiasco and me explaining that I'm tired of being his second thought I figure I should speak up. I'm thinking Chipmunk is a passenger, why would she care if I have to search for parking. If she doesn't want to get out and walk around then she can stay in the car.

A few hours later we head out, and he's giving me directions. We end up in downtown to see the holiday lights they have put up. Find a place to park, get out and walk over. Airyn has his camera, and tripod. We start walking. The sidewalks are larger here, but still he ends up behind me walking with Chipmunk, and holding hands (not as much hand holding as he's trying to take pictures). I'm a bit sad, and kinda put out. He had said he was taking me and Wolf here, but he's acting as if he is OUT with Chipmunk, and not so much OUT with me. Then we stop some where. I have a phobia. I know logically it makes no sense, but can't help my reaction. Well i get confronted with it while in down town, and have to get away. I start looking panickedly for an out. And as I'm getting out more of my phobia comes my way. I squeal. Can't help it, and am at the corner of the half a street away from them before I can stop and turn around.

Airyn knows what's up, but it's never come up before so Chipmunk is confused. I see Airyn explaining it to her. When he's done getting the photo's he wants they all head my way. I'm hugging myself tight. Airyn gives me hugs, and tries to tell me it wasn't so bad. I tell him they were following me. which makes him laugh. I tell him It makes no sense, I should so be able to crush them under my feet, but I just can't. So we walk about half way to the next street corner with his arm around me. Chipmunk is behind us, and he leaves to go walk beside her. I look back to see where he went, he is taking photo's after all. But he's behind me holding hands with Chipmunk again. *sigh* Wolf comes over and gives me hugs, and we head back to the car.

Over at Just a Guys we tell him about the lights, and suggest he go see them before the holidays are over. We set up a board game, and I lean over to Airyn and tell him that next time we are all out walking together it would be Nice if he was with ME. He tells me I could have gotten on his other side and held his other hand. I point out that he has never been ok with that. If he's not out walking hand in hand with both me and Wolf how is it ok with Chipmunk. And besides there wasn't really room for that the first walk we took. I tell him I'm just asking for the same treatment from him to me next time we are all out walking together.

Much later we call it a night and head home again. Chipmunk says she's headed to bed, and Airyn tells me he's staying up for a while. That he's thinking of moving his PC back to the bedroom. I say ok, and decide to stay up with him for a bit. He heads to the bedroom to talk with Chipmunk as she gets into bed. After a while I'm thinking he's changed his mind, so I head to the bedroom thinking to join them and get some sleep. I walk in and Airyn is on top of the covers snuggling and talk with Chipmunk who is under the covers. I head to my dresser, and start kicking off my shoes. Then Chipmunk tells Airyn, I need my phone, my purse. they are in the other room, and she reaches for her laptop. Saying she has to put it in sleep mode. Airyn leaves the room to go get Chipmunk's phone, and purse. I'm not happy now. She's not asking him she's telling, demanding. I've just walked in the room, and she sends him out to get her things that she chose not to bring with her when she walked in the door. She walks in sets her stuff down, announces she going to bed. Goes to the bedroom. Has Aryn's undivided attention for about 15 mins. I walk in the room and she sends him a way. No please, no thank you just I need my stuff?

I walk out and ask (where chipmunk can hear me) if he is still going to move his computer to the bedroom. He says yeah, and I head tot he kitchen start doing some dishes. He brings Chipmunks things to her, and then comes out to check on me. Asks whats up. I tell him, I'm obviously angry, he tells me to relax that he doesn't what to hear about how I'm right. That he just had a conversation with Chipmunk about her attitude towards me and now he's telling me I need to relax. I tell him that I'm not in there going off, I walked out here. I'm doing what I can. Eventually we head to bed. But these two situations really bother me. Once again my weekend isn't good like it should be. I'm tired of it.
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