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Default Hello from the North

I have been lurking a couple of weeks, I figured i would introduce myself. Great site and I enjoy how open everyone is.

I come into the poly lifestyle in a round about way. Many years ago I started to discover my kinks. I have a few but none are what I would consider out of the ordinary. I just enjoy playing and most of all pleasing women.

I met my wife (A)10 years ago (only been married a year now) and we have always been open and fun. She is and has always been bi. Having a few threesomes, and lots of fun over the years. A few years into our relationship the kink and the fun kind of stopped. It was a combination of things, but the sex just became secondary to our love. (I know cheesy)

Fast forward to a few months ago, we meet this wonderful girl (B) who is intelligent, friendly, flirty and sexual. It re-ignighted our lustful needs and started to bring back a lot of our sex drive. It also showed us what we want, or at least what we think we want. A,B and I have spent a lot of time together over the last few months and have gotten closer (well they have, I may go into details in another thread) and a true friendship has blossomed. With that friendship and caring, also came fantasies of 3 of us being together as a family...A and I see what we want, however B does not wish to go there.

These fantasies bring me here, to figure out what exactly we want, and how to go about getting it. B is still with us, much more friend than lover at this point. This "breakup" (I know, likely the wrong word, but its all I have in my vocabulary for how this feels) has been tough for me because being fluid is difficult in my nature, but I am learning and trying. A is confident things may re-ignite.

I suppose i could mention a location, another person from BC...little town called Whistler. Not originally from there, but I have been located there for quite a while


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