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I see my boyfriend once a week, its rarely an overnight, but regardless, I don't contact my husband on date nights unless it is to say "I'm staying the night" or "I'm going to be home later usual". If I stay overnight there's always the chance I'll see him in passing when I get home if he hasn't left for work, but if not I send him an IM when I get home, I don't think 24 hours without speaking is an issue for either of us.

Certainly if I am with a non live in partner for more than one night, I'd make time to call at least once, or send a text a few times (texting not really my thing though). My boyfriend doesn't text his wife or gf while on a date with me (well he probably does but he does it subtly so its not distracting - though it wouldn't be a big problem if he took a bit of time to do so) and I appreciate it a lot, means I'm not sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for him to be free to talk to me. Not messaging a person you love doesn't mean you don't love them or aren't thinking of them fondly, it just means you're being attentive and polite to the person you are with.
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