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Default Extended family and 'outing'

Thinking about extended family right now. As Christmas is around the corner and some birthdays and such, I will get in touch with my relatives on a more regular basis. I have thought about telling the younger ones on a consobrinus/a get together some months ago, but it kind of not felt right. I am still unsure, if I want to tell them about Lin at all.

I would love to have both of my men present when we meet for celebrations and such. And I feel bad about being in the closet. But is it worth it? I really don't know how the majority of them will react. I guess most will be shocked or unable to really understand it. Some were already flabbergasted by the fact that another man is living with us. *sigh* I don't want Lin to stay behind on all the family events. I don't want to talk about only some parts of my life and leave the others out.

Maybe I should just wait for a bigger event happening at our home again. They will naturally see me with Sward and Lin. I won't hide it then. Maybe it would be too arbitrary to talk about some ominous partner out of nowhere while sitting next to my husband in the midst of all my extended family members. Maybe they need some preparation time to get used to the thought and I would ruin my family party by just showing what I feel. I have no clue at all how to approach this.
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