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Default Polyamory film festival help


My name is Tomek Kulesza, and i live in Warsaw, Poland. Recently, a friend of mine came up with the idea of organising a small polyamory film festival. She runs a sort of cultural associacion, and will be coordinating the project here, in Warsaw.

I, on the other hand, was privileged with the task of getting actual movies we could use. Because, frankly, i have no idea how one does it, (how do you get film copies, who do you ask about them, what's about legal issues - although i have faint idea about last isse) so i'm improvising a bit. Few days ago, i mailed Dave,

with intention of asking him what movies do he advise, who should i contact about them, and what's the procedure of getting them. And general advce, probably. I got no response, sadly.

Well, perhaps we could simply use the site rather large number of films, and try selecting a number of them, then searching for producer/distributor, and asking about licensing, etc, etc. At least that's what my improvisation tells me to do
(hmm, on a second though i could mail Holly who maintain the site... yes, seems a good idea)

But i'd prefer to ask polyfolk about the whole idea first, perhaps someone can give me advice, both on the movies, and on the actual way to obtain the movies. Or perhaps point me to someone who i could ask about it.

Oh, and by the way, to give you some context, about dozen people in Poland actually heard the word polyamory, and two (including me) are polyamorous. So yeah, we're in middle ages. Ok, i might have exaggerated a bit
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