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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
However, I'm confused by part of your post. Your girlfriend may have a poly attitude toward relationships, but what does that have to do with whether YOU are capable of dating more than one person??? You can accept her relationship with her ex, and learn all about poly if it helps you understand her better, but you can still be monogamous yourself. You don't have to run out and date a bunch of people just because your girlfriend has a special bond with her ex.
Well, there's a difference between someone who is not only monogamous themselves but is only interested in a monogamous relationship of two and someone who is monogamous themselves but willing/able to be in a polyamorous relationship. Choosing to be in a poly relationship means choosing to do extra work dealing with the extra communication and the jealousy, even (especially?) if you yourself only ever have one partner.

For the original poster (is your handle a Rent reference??), it's rather difficult to say if you're up for being in a poly relationship or not, since you say your girlfriend would consider herself strictly monogamous. Perhaps dating multiple people yourself would not work so well, based on your past experiences, but it sounds like regardless of if you're going to think of your relationship in a "poly" way or not, communication and honesty need to increase BIG time. Really tough to tell how deep the jealousy issues go when your gf doesn't even know the issues exist and hasn't had the opportunity to try to address it.
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