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Default Polyamory for Dumbies

My husband and I have been married for almost two years now. From the very beginning we knew is wasn't just going to just the two of us, but neither of us had found a special some one. About a month ago I went out on a date that was supposed to be a one night thing that's kind of turned into a relationship.

Midway through the second date I knew i needed to tell this guy that I was married and Polyamorous. He took it wonderfully and said he was ok with it and that it meant more to him that i was concerned for his feelings than the fact I was married. So all that part is good.

Main thing is I'm struggling with having the gittiness of a new relationship and not making my husband jealous in anyway. I know jealousy is human nature and my husband has never expressed jealous for my new guy but in the back of my head sometime i feel like I'm doing something wrong against my husband when I'm with my boyfriend. Not because I think polyamory is wrong, i just think its another human nature element because I've never had a relationship with anyone while I was married.

We want an open, honest polyamorous relationship where we can all talk and hang out and I think we are capable of that. And there really is no problem at the moment. I'd just like some advice on how to deal with my own internal struggles and if what I'm feeling is normal when first starting out in a secondary relationship.
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