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Sincerely, with all my insecurities and doubts, I really didn't think I'd be posting on the "Success tales" post so soon.

But here I am to tell people poly is hard work, but it's nowhere NEAR as impossible as people think when first considering it.

All the "newb problems"? Been there. There was the hard talk with current partner, the falling in love with someone I thought to be mono, the hard comunication, the meeting between my two partners, the fear of hurting them... And now everything is ok and I want to share.


-I've always felt poly, since I started being atracted to people. I felt like an awfull human being for liking more than one person at the same time. Now I don't and I can be happy the way I am. There's nothing better than being happy, accepted by the ones you love (ALL of them) and true to yourself. It's heaven.
-Peaches and I are trully best friends now. Before poly, I never mentioned to him when I felt atracted for someone else. Now we talk about it and laugh and gossip while eating Ice Cream. (Including my long-time platonic crush on a female friend of mine) It's just freaking awesome.
-CC is loving, caring, protective and unbelievably romantic. It's a side of him I've never seen, even with us being friends for so long. And I love this side of him, and I love being able to enjoy that. CC is also totally different from Peaches in tastes and hobbys. It's a whole new world, a whole new form of experiencing a relationship, a whole new everything. And it's FASCINATING.
-My family is AWESOME and loves me so much. Even though their views are completly different from my own on this, I'm accepted and loved by my Mom and Dad as I am. This is priceless.

Still somewhat afraid of losing CC at some point, but heh. Relationships, poly or not, are like this, I guess. Something always can go wrong. But if you spend your life wondering wht could go wrong, you won't enjoy anything.
CC and Peaches are getting along. On their way to becoming good friends. I love Peaches with all my heart. And I love CC with all my heart. They love me back and make sure they show it everyday. This is as good as life gets, really.

I'm thinking I may start a blog around here. Fells just SO good to share the good stuff.
Me, female in a V with Peaches, live in boyfriend and CC, boyfriend.
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