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Originally Posted by rory View Post
I find it somewhat unattractive when somebody approaches the pursuit of sexual/romantic partners like a science.
Unfortunately that's just how some of us think. Guys who are good at getting women seldom stop to think about it. They just seem to know what to do. There are guys like me, and PolyLinguist to some extent, that really DON'T know what to do... so we need lots of help.

Luckily, we're not trying to hit on you right now.

It feels to me as if I'm being approached as a representative of my gender, not as a person. With the whole "in the dating world this will not work" and "my only really obvious dating-world strength was monogamy (because that's what women want in exchange for sex) and now I don't even have that"... Sorry, but to me that feels creepy and sexist.
If you think about it though, isn't that what our culture has told us for a couple generations? How much TV out there shows women only wanting sex in a committed relationship? Depicts guys as scumbags if they want sex without commitment? How often does the guy who waits patiently and "really loves" the girl end up with her in the end? Everything we saw growing up tells us that women only want sex in a monogamous relationship, and that the guy who waits patiently gets the girl while the guy who is a "player" loses out.


My advice: stop thinking about attracting women/partners as a game. Start to think about meeting cool people, some of whom might be interested in you, as a new aspect of your life, which is not that different from other aspects of your life. Be yourself and have fun.
Agree 100%.
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