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Originally Posted by XYZ123 View Post
I figured, what the heck. My hubby and I are in NYC and have decided that, after the baby is born, we're going to start immersing ourselves a bit into the world that is poly. I'd like to maybe go to meetings, clubs, whatever's out there but I don't know where to start. He's found websites and events but I am SO shy about just showing up. I'd love to get to know people who are into the lifestyle and willing to show newbies around or at least help us be prepared for what to expect in the NYC scene. I'm only interested in friendships so not unicorn hunting or trying for hook ups. The best relationships are those I fall into, not those I seek out. Anyone else in NY willing to make friends? I know we're not known for our friendliness, but I've always been told I don't belong in the city.
My advice would be to sign up to one or more of the NYC Poly Yahoo groups at or or the web-based one at

Get a "feel" of the groups based on what gets posted, and see if there are people there with whom you feel you resonate. Knowing a little about some of the names involved can really help break down that nasty feeling of "here's a wall of people that I don't know!"

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