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I find it somewhat unattractive when somebody approaches the pursuit of sexual/romantic partners like a science. It feels to me as if I'm being approached as a representative of my gender, not as a person. With the whole "in the dating world this will not work" and "my only really obvious dating-world strength was monogamy (because that's what women want in exchange for sex) and now I don't even have that"... Sorry, but to me that feels creepy and sexist.

Since you don't want some general woman maybe not generalise women into some weird poly-dating-homogenous-mass? Maybe not think about poly dating as something completely foreign with some rulebook you need to learn to attract women (since there is not one, because women are people and, thus, will be attracted to different things). Do you really think your dating experiences from 30 years ago are very relevant for now? You don't relate to other things and relationships in your life as you did three decades ago (I assume), why would you do so with dating?

My advice: stop thinking about attracting women/partners as a game. Start to think about meeting cool people, some of whom might be interested in you, as a new aspect of your life, which is not that different from other aspects of your life. Be yourself and have fun.
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