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Originally Posted by FitChick View Post
I am glad you are looking after your own emotional needs and not acceding to your mother's disapproval. Its a pity she can't just 'agree to disagree'..after all you are an adult and have made adult choices,albeit outside the societal standard.

We all hate disappointing our families and right from when we were young we were all psychologically wired to please,but at some point we have to stand up and say "this is me,accept me as I am"..Mono is right,some will accept some won't,you just need the strength to accept that and still be able to live your life as you choose.

I wish you all the best and hope you can find peace with your mother's disapproval,I know that is something I am going to have to deal with at some point myself.
thankyou for those words of encoragment, i think sometimes just hearing other people say that its ok to do what is best for me even if its dispaointing someone else is exactly what i need,
i am far to ready to please other people but with this i just can't give up my life and the men that i love they are too important to me to allow one persons disaproval affect the rest of my life.

I think anyone else and i tend not to give a dam
but this is my Mum and all I've ever really wanted is for her to be proud of me and love me, for me not the me she would like me to be!

We are currently still talking, she hasn't actually told me herself that she is going to refuse to meet R, she has only told montianboy. I am REALLY hoping she changes her mind. I had planned a birthday dinner for Feb and was going to invite her and my step dad, along with montianboy and R, i am going to go ahead with that plan and if she chooses not to come then that is her choice,

i really love my mum though, this hurts

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