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Hi Khymaera,
Welcome to our forum.

It sounds like you're looking (among other things) for local poly groups in your area. You might start by googling "Carrollton Texas polyamory" or some variant of that. Also, try's Dating & Friendships subforum.

Other possible helps might be found at:

Something else to consider:

"As for where to meet poly people, if by some chance you are interested in anything alternative like Renaissance fairs, goth culture, sci-fi conventions, indie music, bdsm, or any small fringe group, you will be more likely to meet people who have at least heard of poly and are accepting of it."
-- SpaceHippieGeek,
You're a friend of mine if you're a cat lover. We have one cat and one dog in our home. They do get into some interesting antics with each other from time to time, and are entertaining in general (as well as cuddly bedmates).

I hope you'll enjoy this online community. There's a lot of stuff to absorb here, and a lot of stuff to be shared. Glad you could join us!

Kevin T.
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