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Divorce forms galore continue.

Friend is grateful and thanks me often. I accept it and tell her not to worry. Inside I think the only thanks I need is to know she's finally free and safe from this wacky mess.

I worry.

My sister told me a kind thing -- that of all people she knows, I go the extra mile in helping others. Even if things around them are totally messed up or they make poor decisions... Somehow I manage to still value the person. That's not a common trait and that I'm very generous/compassionate. So of course I'm going to be feeling all "argh" at some points in the journey. It's hard to endure with people. So much easier to walk away.

Unexpected compliment from that quarter. I have to digest that later.

Last night DH and I snuggled under covers and he listened to me vent a bit and held me in his arms.

He was cleaning his desk earlier and handed me a love letter I wrote him back when I was 25 years old. He keeps the oddest things. I'd forgot I wrote that for him then. I smiled and grew misty reading it -- visiting old me loving old him. Then I told him I felt like ought to be adding the "PS" to it now that it's been so many years hence. Maybe I ought to add a "PS" now and every decade later?

So grateful for that man. He found an old picture of us around then and left it in a frame on my desk. I am amused looking at us in our young 20's peeping at me under the glass.

Oy. Life.

I wouldn't have it any other way -- fabulous SWEET spots, and then the really intense patches making the sweet spots that much sweeter when they happen for the comparison.

Con amor, con gusto, y con brio!

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