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This is a wonderful question.

I believe that love is something you do. I feel most loved when my actions have fulfilled my lover's needs and she gazes back at me in appreciation. I also feel loved when I am being cared for in unexpected ways. Love, to me, is visceral. It is measured by blood moving quicker or slower; by tears; by kind actions. It can be as simple as doing the dishes or as complex as reaching out to a woman I have interest in outside our marriage and breaking the ice with a kind email.

I meet this need by giving love. And I don't just mean my SO. I mean my friends, strangers, the dogs. Anyone I feel a connection to. If my intentions are pure, love will return in kind. And lately, I've been getting a lot

You've heard the expression "you make your own luck", well, you also make your own love.
Concern yourself less with love and more with loving.
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