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Now I am gearing up for yet another trip to see -----. I wish I could come up with a name for him. Since it is non insignificant drive, we don't see each other much.

It's been a weird few weeks. Weird good. Met a new fella at a party, seeing him soon. Got sick of the OK Cupid stuff, and just said screw it, it'll happen when it happens. I hate forcing meeting people, and as I often say I actually really am happy alone most of the time. And then boom! 2 nights later I meet someone. Also long distance, so that's nice. (I just really hate the thought of people coming by unannounced.) So, who knows?

It's been weird in many other parts of my life, and I have a lot of fairly big life changes coming up. That's also one of the things keeping me from getting to active. I really need to have a little extra time to take care of my stuff, before I really get out there.

But I am pretty excited about this trip. It will probably be the last one this year.... Things are about to get hectic, and I am feeling a little stretched thin.

Must sleep now. More eventually.
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