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Default doubt: interactions while being with the other partner

Just wondering during a lonely and long night... After reading several things I am under the impression that is usual to not interact at all with your SO during a weekend with your OSO. I have never had OSOs, so maybe that is the reason is so hard for me to understand. Why zero interaction when you know it's being difficult for your OSO? I dont mean to spend lots of time, but why not even a text? This is what happens whenever my SO is with his new OSO and during lonely nights such as this I just dont get it.

I have read of similar situations and I always kind of tought it was the way to do it, but now I am having second thoughts... What is so wrong about a text? Is because you just dont feel like it? Time? Neither? I feel a little like I stop existing for him several nghts a week . Just a smilley would make a huge diff, but this is something I don know if I can ask for.Or if I want to.
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