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Cool Hello, from Dallas,TX

Hello, everyone!

So, an introduction...? Well. Ok...

I'm an old hand to poly. I was introduced, badly, to the concept back in my late teens by my then-boyfriend, and while he made a royal hash of it, the concepts sounded appealing and made sense.

My next partner, whom I'm still with some 16 years later, I introduced to the concept and liked it. From that point on, we had an open relationship and dated around. This evolved into a closed V when a third person joined us, who was OK sharing me with my first partner, but that was it.

9 years later, this fell apart and we parted ways with the second gent and we went back to being open.

Now, at this point I admit that I had sworn off poly, and said 'never again', and was determined to just swing/play with friends.

Yeah. That went about as well as you thought it would. Hah!

About this time last year, I started flirting with a long time friend. I'd known him and his boyfriend for years, and assumed he was gay. After a turn of phrase, he corrected that assumption. This lead to us both waxing poetic on missing female company.

Flirting lead to FWB, and we discovered we were actually falling for each other. Time passed, poop happened, and to make a long story short, well... I'm not very good at being not-poly.

Our group dynamic is myself (F/bi/35), my senior partner (M/strait/39), and my junior partner (M/bi/24). They are open to dating, and I may be if I find the right person (especially female), but for the most part I feel pretty taken at the moment. I've been around the boards and PMM off and on for years, and slacked off, but the junior partner was curious about poly resources, and the community. I'm mostly looking for friends, social contact, and maybe some meet-ups where it's safe for us to be a trio without odd looks!

We're all pretty big nerds; me and Sr are in the IT/support industry. All three of us play WoW, read, enjoy sci-fi movies (and similar). We're all animation fans. Me and Sr are the big readers, and Jr enjoying exploring it now, too. They game, more than myself. I love love LOVE to cook, but I also write and draw. Besides that, we're big animal lovers -- four cats (three of which are Siamese), and ideally a big dog sometime in the semi-near future.
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