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It's still so hard at times. Most of the time my mind takes over and convenes me that since he didn't even ask me to give us another chance that i did the right thing. Sometimes my emotions take over when i miss him so much, that I often wonder if giving him everything i felt he really wanted that i made the wrong choice.

I wonder if we didn't have OSO if we would have gotten back together and been stronger. I think by having someone there for us that we love makes us feel like we would hurt them by talking and working things out. I know she has said he will never be allowed to move back in or be with me again. She won't allow it. lol He is so mad at me for asking him to leave. We barley talk now its only about the kids when we do.

I love him and I really feel like being with her is all he really wanted. He wants all of his kids to have the same last name and she won't do that unless she has the same last name. They couldn't do that unless I let go of him and allowed him to do what he wants. I just knew he wouldn't be the one to leave because he didn't want to be responsible. I truly feel like he was treating me like shit and pushing me away so I would be the one to put a stop to it and he could blame me.
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