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Exclamation Article contest!

Looking for some people who can write some nice articles for our future 'main page'. We are considering moving to the latest version of the forum software, which supports a main site page, blogs, articles etc. Obviously we will have some space to fill So please feel free to join in! You can just post them in this forum, we will put the best ones on the front page! We need at least 10 good articles before we can go live! So bring out the writer in you and share! Basically anything that adds value to people's life is welcome!

Some example articles that come to mind:

- Your poly family situation (with pics for example)
- How to communicate properly
- How to deal with jealousy
- How can mono's live/thrive within poly relationships?
- Etc...

The use of images inside the article is recommended to make it more attractive! (please make sure they are copyright free). If you can't find any images that is fine,
we will find a nice stock photo to put on your article.


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