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OKC scorecard since late summer:

28 year old engineer. One date, he took my picture when taking his leave, and then never got in touch again. 5 weeks later, he texts me saying he apologizes for not being in touch. He was overwhelmed by my "sexual ability."


62 year old so-called sub. Not sub enough, a blabbermouth, inexperienced noob with fuzzy boundary making abilities. Lazy and self centered, 17 yr old in a 62 yr old body. Feh.

Latest attempt: since early October, a 25 yr old has been PMing me on okc. Let's call him Irish. He said he was kinky, sub with switch tendencies, wanted to be my boy toy. Sounded so eager. Kept bugging me. I finally make a date, since he seemed fun enough. On day of lunch date, he hadnt confirmed meeting at 1. So I texted him at 11, and at 11:20, and then again at 12:15, finally saying since he hadn't confirmed, and maybe had cold feet, I was cancelling. He texted at 12:30 saying he didn't have cold feet, was just getting sick, wrapped up on couch.

Didn't even say sorry for not letting me know sooner!

So, that's that for lameass dudes. I'm taking another long okc break.
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