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Originally Posted by PorcelainPowder View Post
I'm sorry, but you don't know me and I feel you are being unreasonably judgmental. It's not that I never wanted real feelings to be attached with this girl, it is that I am not in a situation that permits such a thing so I had to guard my heart and make it an "open relationship."

I'm sure you didn't start out fully polyamorous either,
I apologize if I came off judgemental. It is a weakness I have and should recognize. I am very protective of the ideal of polyamory and what it means to me.

That being said, the above statement indicates that you did not have real feelings for this girl prior to the physical intimacy. This just gives me the impression that this was purely sexually motivated and not a desire to have an intimate relationship which is the difference between open and poly relationships in my opinion. I just feel people need to be very clear on what their expectations are when engaging in a relationship especially when it deals with something as powerful as sex. The emotional impact on the other person should always be considered above personal needs...assumptions should not be made.

As far as me being "fully polyamorous"....That is simple..I am not even a little polyamorous in nature. I am monogamous in a polyamorous relationship. I couldn’t begin to imagine being intimately in love with more than one person.

I again, did not mean to offend.
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