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There's some good advice in that other thread so thanks for posting the link. But I think it would be better for her to read it as well. She's the one who normally texts or emails me first thing in the morning or last thing at night. I have been trying to make the effort not to reply straight away. She's also the one who initiates most of our meetups.

It's not the lack of physical stuff that's causing me an issue. I don't sit there with aching loins or anything. She has a hot tub in her garden and we've shared it several times without a single stirring from me for instance.

But I do worry that I'm confusing and complicating her life. Neither of us seem to fully know what we want from this relationship. She has tried to kiss me a few times when drunk and it's been me reminding her that there's a line when that has happened.
I also worry that maybe I am just hanging around in the hope that she'll be worn down eventually. Which is why I try not to initiate our meetings. I don't want to be the one setting the agenda and I want the ball to be in her court.

There is one thing I know I should really put a stop to though. She will quite often meet up with me for a drink before she goes on a date and that really isn't a good idea.
The good news is that she's going traveling for 3 weeks over Xmas. So we will have some time apart and maybe one of us will find some clarity.
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