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Originally Posted by InsaneMystic View Post
I'm pretty much in the position of your bf (except for not being into monogamy at all). I'm biologically male and asexual and happily together with my partner (R., sexual, she's much more into women than into guys), going a tad over four years together now. No sex between us happened in those four years, and none is going to happen in the future either.

I'd consider it more than a bit selfish if your bf, as the asexual partner in a mixed 'ship, would insist on monogamy.
Good point. I think it's fair to say to your boyfriend "Look, I'm a sexual being. I can tell you that I will not be satisfied, in the long term, with having no sexual relationships with anyone. So we need to decide right now if this is off the table permanently, in which case we need to part ways so I can be who I am, or whether this is something you're willing to work on so that one day we can be in a loving relationship together, but I'll be free to express my sexual needs outside that bond."
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