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Red face Story of the Anti-Unicorn

I'm terrible at keeping things up-to-date, so don't expect too much, but I decided to start a thread to talk about me

I am the stereotypical "unicorn" in a lot of ways- I'm 18, female, bi, skinny... also, compersion really gets to me, so I tend to be attracted to couples. Oh, and I'm attracted to the age range 10-15 years older than me. I fit in the "unicorn" category pretty perfectly... except, I'm looking for something so much different.
There seems to be a grouping of couples out there, the ones looking for a unicorn... they want a "wife"... they want "someone to add to our relationship"... how can someone start a relationship expecting that? I guess it's common to mono online dating, too, but I just don't get it. It seems so artificial, so presumptuous.

I've seen another person here use the term "solo" and I think I like that idea for myself. I want to date and fall in love and have serious, long term relationships... I want to have kids, too... in some ways, I do want genuine partnerships... but I think I might be best off if I always have my own place to go back to, my own "home base".

Right now, I have a growing history of non-relationships... the "almost dating" that I got invested in, but never really happened. I'm trying to break out of that and actually get involved with someone[s], but at the same time, I'm frustrated with how "ready-made" the expectations for relationships (even poly relationships) are turning out to be.

I've got a bunch of stuff floating around my head but I figure I'll get back online and write some more later.

(I couldn't help but be entertained by this while I was typing- my spell-check doesn't know the word "compersion". Its guesses were "compassion" or "perversion". Hehe.)
Omnisexual. (I am attracted to males, females, and any variation/in-between/lack thereof, but I am not "gender blind" which most pansexuals describe themselves as.)
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