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Originally Posted by nondy2 View Post
Wha??? I must have stumbled on the wrong list-serv..

Boring, didn't you attack me a few months ago for questioning the maturity of someone who chose to have their only commitment in life be employment? Followed by a number of others and a discussion that it's OK to call disabled people unhealthy and OK to use retard or lame... Whatever!
That would be inaccurate, incorrect, and off-topic. I am not interested in resurrecting that thread here.

To the OP: I am judging your boyfriend's (key word: BOY) character by his actions, not by his age. The information about his age simply leads me to believe that he is not likely to change if he's doing this type of juvenile behaviour after being alive for nearly six decades. It does not make him less worthy of basic human respect, but if you want to put up with his emotional and communicative flakiness? That's your problem.
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