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Wha??? I must have stumbled on the wrong list-serv..

Boring, didn't you attack me a few months ago for questioning the maturity of someone who chose to have their only commitment in life be employment? Followed by a number of others and a discussion that it's OK to call disabled people unhealthy and OK to use retard or lame... Whatever!


You sound like a wonderful person. I truly hope this works out the way you want and it seems it is! I , from what I have read, don't see our guy as playing games or immature. The way I view it is: People get married for all sorts of reason and I think this reason is RARLEy sex or passion and those marriages rarely work out...anyway, when married and knowing each others families, money, property and kids (and mostly attachment) it becomes difficult to unravel. I am soaking for myself, but I think it's probably true for your guy. I think once we are attached to someone even if we want something else, it becomes so hard to change.

I am thinking of my own marriage. I think I could maybe be in a happier marriage and there are certainly people I'm hotter for, but to end something that's been going on for 15 years and creating stability and kids and all that would be very hard...and the primary point is WOULD I be happier? That's the issue - ?

I would also say five years seems like a long time and it is. But what's the hurry? I think that in any live-in situation foks end up hating each other of dishes and child care. That's a place I wish I hadn't rushed to get to!!!
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