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Default just need to get it out

I have been in a poly relationship for about 6 months involving my wife and a so whom I live with. The relationship with my so was amazing, she made me feel so special and good about myself, she was always excited to see me, kissed me passionately, hugged me and never wanted to let go, missed me the second I left, the way she looked at me and smiled for me. The last couple of months things cooled down, way down, and now she barely acknowledges me when i walk in the door, and shows very little affection all at once. I asked what was wrong thinking I messed up somehow but she insists she has a lot on her mind, and was struggling with ppd before and is slipping back into it. I try not to get so down with it because I understand she is going through a hard time right now but I am having such a hard time feeling as strongly as I do for her not feeling it in return lately. We had a set schedule to spend a night a week together but lately we have been skipping it for what feels like any excuse. I can't help feeling like she is tired of me already. She still says she loves me as much as she ever has, so im holding onto that and not giving up but I really wanted to express how I was feeling.
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