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Default How to I express my interest in poly to BF

Hello, let me start off with we are both male under 30 and have been together for 5 years.

I am wondering how to bring up the idea of polyamoury without seeming ungrateful or any other newbie mistakes I might not realize. We have a close friendship with a guy and I would love to become closer to him rather than our playtime which is only every month or two. My Boyfriend and I only play together with our friend at this moment in time. This is great and wonderful, but I am noticing that over the last year I have started to think about him more and want the possibility of going to that next level. Hook ups are fun and all, but I am really more a lovie dovie guy (all all that drama that comes with it.)
I've been out of town for the last three weeks and the two of them got to spend some much needed time together, I was hoping more would have come out of it. I was hoping there would be some kind of an over night "we're in love" kind of a thing, that obviously did not happen. I believe it was just a nice dinner and a movie, but they still got to spend time alone so that's a good thing. I was kinda hoping I could avoid the whole akward conversation, but I know that I must do the right thing and get on the same page.
How did everyone else get involved in this life style? Thoughts? Ideas? Advice? Anything is much appreciated, thank you.

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