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An interesting development took place tonight on his Facebook page of all places,I knew she was trying to bait me but I just wished her a Happy Christmas and hoped she was having a nice holiday,it was all very civil and to be honest I was somewhat shocked at how well it went..of course I know this won't last but I am proud that I did not let her get to me...I am much stronger emotionally than I give myself credit for!

When I told him about this development a couple of hours ago, he again indicated he would like me to move closer to him(he says I 'get' him),I told him there wasn't any rush and that he needs to sort out his issues with her before things can progress from my end. So we have decided to enjoy the 'NRE' and review it down the track..without a time frame. This will also give me time to adjust to the poly lifestyle and figure out my needs in the relationship.
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