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Default Closed Mind, closed caged door on self...

Last one for now.... lots for me to think on for sure!

"When we meditate, daydream or pray for answers (and are willing to let these come of their own accord, in their own time), when we stop trying to force our answers into existence, we embrace freedom. We release our stranglehold on our own throught processes. We allow our various intelligences to work things out without our logical, too structured interference.


when we chase the quick fix, or organize our lives rigidly around preconceived notions or idealized images of how we "should" live: when we follow too obediently convention on matters important to us, or passively make life choices along the lines others have convinced us are correct; for "our own good"; when we deny ourselves time to think, dream, grow, explore, experiment, play and pray, we also deny ourselves the freedoms we need to create our own lives anew. THEN OUR CAGE STAYS SHUT."

Ah yes. That seems clear cut enough.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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