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Hi Octovus,

I agree with you- I do not see how he can have an objection to me seeing someone else. But I don't want him to "freak out" for lack of a better term! I am planning on having a conversation with him about it, before I do anything. I feel like he gets the best of the 2 worlds right now- happy marriage, sex and fun with gf. But I don't feel like I am getting much of a return on MY investment I need more attention. And feel selfish for thinking that way, when I know he would if circumstances allowed it...

Re: his wife- I have made attempts at friendship, and it is surprising to me because generally I make friends very easily. There have been a few instances in our past where she treated me badly (well ill just say it- she was a biatch), and I am just not very interested in spending time with her. And I can see why he loves her- she does everything for him (to the point where I stop and say- hmmm, I could never live with him- helpless man!), is smart, a good mother etc.

I am sure some of my feelings come from jealousy, as I said earlier- I am working on that as well.

Thanks for you thoughts, I really appreciate it.
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