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Thanks Emm, this is one of my major concerns, because my wife is one of her best friends and basically she has been our kind of silent go between for years. Our mutual friend (I'll call her Laura) has had feelings for me for a long time (almost as soon as we all starting hanging out) and I've had feeling for her for almost the same amount of time. Now it's a bit weird because Laura and I have never actually talked to each other about our feelings for each other but we both know we have them for each other (an artifact, I'm pretty sure, of her mixed feelings about the relationship she doesn't want to be in anymore). So I'm pretty sure she's not just on a rebound, but I don't want us just to be a rebound. We've both been pining for each other for a while now. Waiting seems like the obvious thing to do, but it's gotten painful, for both of us I think. I'm worried.
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