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Originally Posted by abeautifulworld View Post
Are you wanting info on polyamory (2 females and 1 male) or polyandry (2 males and you)? What is your preference....that is a good place to start?
*THANKS CATT - I now know all 3 words and you beat me to it! -A*

Good heavens, never heard these distinctions before. Have to say, I don't like them, either.

Not to get all defensive, but "polyamory" sounds pretty general and nice to me. Is there some reason it's not considered "amory" once there's more than one guy involved? Too much testosterone?

Why wouldn't 2 females and 1 male have some special term (to parallel poly-andry and be specific), and polyamory be left for all of us to share?

Wiki has this:

Fwiw I'm in a scenario with 3 (or maybe 4) gay guys...fairly long term now...I've always called it polyamory and intend to continue as I like "owning" that word!...but is there something else you'd call it?


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