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Default I'm on a roll-may as well keep going... helps me think!!

" The kind of psychological health that creative persons have is not an absence of conflicts but rather a troubled awareness of them. Unusually sensitive to what is not right, what is not fit, what is incomplete, the creative person has a strong drive to resolve that which is disquieting, either through a direct attack upon it or through finding a medium through which it can be given symbolic expression."

Boy does that fit me to a T. Not sure if I am a "creative person" or "psychologically healthy" but I know that I am VERY aware of conflicts, and things that are just "off" and am compelled to correct the issue.

Most often this is just a huge frustration for me if the awareness is about something that involves anyone but myself, because for reasons I haven't yet fully grasped I seem to be surrounded in my life by people who mature, grow and learn only when being kicked and dragged into it.

Obviously as this is so totally encompassing in my life-it's something about ME that needs work. I need to figure out what it is that keeps me "tied down" in bogs of other people's misery so to speak. Why I don't reach out to other people who are actively, SELF-interested and SELF-motivated to learn, grow and mature in their lives, thought patterns and relationships...
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