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Default Another line I identify with

"Life purpose or vision generally flows from a clear call of destiny. This call, or interior prompting, makes creative adaptation and self-realization almost inevitable. Yet those who feel this pull may be mysteriously cursed and blessed at the same time. Their road is rarely comfortable in the conventional sense of that word, but neither do they wonder what they should do with their lives."

I think the most common thing that causes me discomfort in living my life the way I know I'm meant to-is people who insist on trying to deter me because of their own need for me to create security for them because they haven't learned how to create it for themselves or they refuse to take responsibility for it in some way or another.

I find that my hardest lesson-one I continue to battle and too often fail at, is that I need to stop bending.

I know my purpose, I know where my life needs to go and I know how to do it. I don't mean I have a "plan". I don't. I mean-I just know... I just FEEL in any given moment "I'm supposed to do this" or "I'm not supposed to do that" and I need to DO or NOT DO those things and stop letting other people's refusal to claim their own shit AND DEAL WITH IT, stop me from my own growth and progress....

Very frustrated with myself because I KNOW this, and I HAVE known this for some time.

But I get caught up between wanting to be patient and understanding... loving and caring while others work through things

-then I let myself keep supporting them patiently and making allowances even when they AREN'T actually working through things but are actually in that moment allowing themselves to "act out" on their fears and insecurities-

and knowing I need to be standing my ground and saying "that is YOUR insecurity talking and I can't bend for that. I love you and I'll be here when you are reading to talk about this productively" or some such thing....
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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