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Default No small thing

Thanks Annabel.

Its really really hard to say if that is right. If I trust him I must believe what he tells me and what he tells me is that he loves and wants me more, but that its been very painfully extracting himself from a 30+ year marraige. She is moving out next week, and she was aware of his trip to see me last week.

He said he hated her this summer for losing me. Now that he has me back, he seems to be falling back for her indicating his general confusion and original desire of us both. My guess is that he still wants the original situation of both of us, and his desire is overtaking logic and reality. I believe him that he is moving towards being with me in his head, but that is heart is on some other kind of dimension that is playing out with brutal honesty.

Also he fantasized last week during intimacy about her being with us. That's no small thing I'm thinking.

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I hate to say it, but it sounds like he's been misleading you, making it sounds like they were more distant than they were. Not answering a direct question is a pretty bad sign. Perhaps he's also been misleading her about his relationship with you, in various ways. It also sounds to me like maybe SHE made the decision to leave HIM, which means he hasn't *chosen* to be with you at all, he just doesn't have the option to be with her in the same way anymore. I don't know either of you, and maybe I'm entirely wrong, but there are SO many red flags here. I'm afraid you may have walked back in to a very bad situation.
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